中秋的诗词 描写海洋的英文句子

作者: 慕波 发布时间: 2019年11月26日 20:13:59


The sea has, not just a color, it is a kind of spirit, is the life. So, I face is the sea broad mind.


The sea, all calm and serene; sometimes like a roaring lion, in furious anger, calm wind, only to hear the waves kiss the stone on the beach sounds.


The sea is boundless, and almost always can not swim to the end; the sea, blue, is almost an angry teacher was blue in the face.


Yes ah! Blue in full view. No time, transparent, pure, quiet, enough to melt a color of their own, it is the only natural given the color of the sea.


The sea, like a sense of humor and wisdom of the elderly; the sea like a shy little girl; the sea, like a great mother; the sea, like an angry man; the sea, like a mysterious magician.


The sea is boundless, almost always can not swim to the end; the sea, blue, is almost an angry teacher was blue in the face.


A layer of the extension to the distance, slowly calm down, like breath like, leave a fleeting bubble, and shook the bad smell of seaweed.


The sea, really the sea, with the northern plateau vast land, together with an unspeakable secret life, give a person a kind of beyond the natural deep.


The sea level, such as a deep sea spray, writer image; like a dragon in the clouds billow; the sea, like the Silk Road on the sea silk, a riot of colours.


The number of leaves white sail in the golden sea, just a few pieces of white feathers, gently floating, floating.


Forget the fresh wet with talk about the smell of the sea breeze, blowing the hair face body every feeling. Like a beautiful woman like a plump attractive.


Forget the fresh wet with talk about the smell of the sea breeze, blowing their hair, cheeks, body every feeling. Like a beautiful woman like a plump attractive.


The vast blue ocean, a wave coming, the impact on the rock, a giant earthquakes and landslides roar, with white foam spray.


I heard far away in the sea whir, this magnificent and peeling of the sound to make people feel a sense of beauty and style of music with male beauty.


Dim the lights, the sea. The waves rolling, gently calls. Call somewhat, somewhat bleak.


I love you the sea, the vastness of your love, but also the beauty of your love, love your mystery. The sea, you are a tolerant mother. The sea, your tolerance, is the example of our study.


The sea, cool warmth with a happy swing, the surging waves of love also has a dream, bloom in the Guanghua; deep in the torrent, sing songs with true fairy tale.


Waves are the wonders of sea, but she is more like a dancer, she can put aside their worries people, enjoy.


The sun shines on the shimmering thin lake, like surface covered with a layer of glittering coins, be like a crumpled green satin.


The sea is the mother of life; the sea is the baptism of life and facing the sea bathing, Yuye; sea breeze, feel the red dust among thousands of style is a great pleasure in life.


Originally in smooth water sea, the waves, the sea was rippling, the pan ripples spread, spread the sea cry. Oh, the sea, the original you are so sentimental, but so many vicissitudes of life.


Autumn, I like to run out early, Shanghai to wait for the sunrise. When the sun rises, the golden sun on the sea, the blue sea became the golden moment.


Subtilis Cong in the lake in a whisper, from time to time from a distance of 12 ducklings sound, the more the Moon Lake is lonely and deserted.


The sea ah! The sea, the angels do not know why I am so infatuated with you, the future of the future, I would like to give you my blessing on the sea.


Oblique rain days, the vast boundless sea breeze across time, we still have time, or insist on the sea. A boat, a long Hao, a fragile and relaxed life can be.


The next night, blue sea, starlight from the figure, that is the sea to the mysterious sea night to people weave subtle dreams.


The sky and the sea in love, but their hands can not hold, love can not continue, the sky is crying, the sea's eyes are wet. So she said, "there is a limit that can never be crossed."!


The sea was quiet, as if asleep, no wind, no waves, the sea has been frozen, like a piece of thick glass, lying there motionless.


Our bare feet on the soft beach, waves waves rushed over, hit me in the leg, as if the mother gently caressed me, my heart suddenly warm.