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1、We never had the chance to explore the outside world because of my dad's one rule:New is always bad. Never not be afraid! 我们从没机会探索外面的世界,是因为我爸爸的那条规则:新事物是不好的,永远要小心!——《疯狂原始人》

2、If there’s any kind of magic in the world, it must be the attempt of understanding someone or share something.如果世上真的有什么奇迹,那么一定是去理解他人和与人分享。——《日出之前》

3、Life is only half of the time, in order to find the other half in the world to walk. Some people are lucky to find it soon. While someone is looking for a lifetime.人生下来的时候都只有一半,为了找到另一半而在人世间行走。有的人幸运,很快就找到了。而有人却要找一辈子。---《玻璃樽》

4、This path has been placed before you. The choice is yours alone. 路就在你脚下,你自己决定。——《星球大战-首部曲》

5、All waving happily out of the photograph forever more, not knowing that they were doomed.在相片中,他们永远都会幸福地挥着手,却不知道他们今后的命运。——《凤凰社》

6、Life is bitter or only childhood.Life is so.人生本就是苦还是只有童年苦?生命就是如此。---《这个杀手不太冷》

7、Every day I remember what you said to me, I have been trying to be a good man, I did not live up to you, I like you to me to treat others.我每天都在回想你对我说过的话,我一直在努力做一个正直的好人,我没辜负你们,我像你们对我那样去对待他人。---《拯救大兵瑞恩》

8、I promise you, if God had gifted me with wealth and beauty, I would make it as hard for you to leave me now as it is for me to leave you.告诉你吧,如果上帝赐予我财富和美貌,我会让您难以离开我,就像我现在难以离开您。——《简·爱》

9、Hope is a kind of persistence, so that the depths of the soul to keep a free sky, for the same life to make a different interpretation.希望是一种坚持,使灵魂深处保有一片自由的天空,为相同的生命做出不同的解释。---《肖申克的救赎》

10、When you choose to become others, you will lose yourself.当你选择成为别人时,你将失去你自己。——《纳尼亚传奇3》

11、Want someone to listen to you to speak, light shouting "Hey" is not enough, we must pat the shoulder of others, so that the heart was shocked.想要别人聆听你说话,光喊声“喂”是不够的,一定要拍拍别人的肩膀,让心得到震撼。---《七宗罪》

12、To be a princess, you have to believe you are one. You’ve got to walk the way you think a princess would walk. Smile and wave, and just have fun.要想成为公主,你得相信自己就是一个公主。你应该像你所想象中的公主那般为人处世。高瞻远嘱,从容不迫,笑对人生。——《公主日记》

13、You know, you can tell a lot from a person'svoice.从一个人的声音可以知道他是怎样的人。——《西雅图不眠夜》

14、Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it’s called present!昨天已成为历史,明天是未知的,而今天是上天赐予我们的礼物,这就是为什么我们把它叫做现在!——《功夫熊猫》

15、You got a dream,you gotta protect it.People can’t do something themselves,they wanna tell you you can’t do it.If you want something,go get it.不要别人告诉你该做什么,有梦想,就得保护。他人做不成什么事情,就跟你说你也做不成。如果你想要什么,就要去争取。——《当幸福来敲门》

16、If you really love someone, the whole life will not be enough. You need time to know, to forgive and to love. All this needs a very big mind.爱的次数不需多,只需真爱。真爱需要时间去经营,需要用心去了解,需要胸襟去包容。——《初恋50次》

17、You make millions of decisions that mean nothing and then one dayyour order takes out and it changes yourlife.你每天都在做很多看起来毫无意义的决定,但某天你的某个决定就能改变你的一生。——《西雅图不眠夜》

18、Your story may not have a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are, it is restof your story, who you choose to be.你或许没有一个幸福的开始,但是这并不能够代表你的所有,接下来你的生活取决于你的选择。——《功夫熊猫2》

19、I am with you because I choose to be with you. I do not want to live by someone else's way.我和你在一起,是因为我选择和你在一起。我不想按别人的方式去生活。---《走出非洲》

20、Time erodes all such beauty, but what it cannot diminish… is the wonderful workings of your mind. Your humor, your kindness… and your moral courage.时间可以吞噬一切,但它丝毫不能减少的是你伟大的思想,你的幽默,你的善良,还有你的勇气。——《小妇人》

21、One should love animals. They are so tasty.每个人都应该热爱动物, 因为它们很好吃。——《加菲猫》

22、You are the most attractive man I ever laidears.你是我听过的最帅的男士。——《西雅图不眠夜》